Castello, 1650 via Garibaldi
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Hotel CaformentaCompletely restored during 2002 /03 the Hotel Cà Formenta is situated at the beginning of Via Garibaldi right in the pulsating heart of Venetian life.
The origin of the palazzetto probably goes back to 1400 following the arrival in Venice of the Formenti family from the island of Poveglia according to Tassini in his " Venetian Curiosity " and that it also boasts in its history a "Grande Cancelliere della Serenissima" around 1580. The palazzetto was originally decorated with a coat of arms of three ears of corn, symbol of the Formenti Family, used today as our logo.
The restoration has been undertaken by the architect G.R. of Pantha in Padua. They have been keen maintain the venetian character whit elegant furnishings. Additional comfort and convenience is afforded by the modern technology: Every room is air conditioned individually (summer/winter), and has satellite color television, direct telephone with connection for personal computer, minibar, personal safe and hair dryer. Each floor is serviced by a lift and all the public rooms are air conditioned. Some rooms enjoy a fine view of the lagoon.
The hotel has its own private wharf on the Rio della Tana, wich is very convenient for motorboat taxis.
The splendid inner courtyard is ideal for that fresh drink at sunset.


Via garibaldiAgain, from Tassini’s " Curiosità Venetian ": " After the arrival in 1866 of Italian troops in Venice , there was a move to rename this street after General Giuseppe Garibaldi. It used to run to the public gardens built in 1807, was was laid over the stream that ran among two fonundation walls. It was called Via Eugenia in honor of the Italian viceroy Eugenio Beauharnais.
Via Garibaldi can claim to be the heart venetian life, unlike the area around St. Mark’s Square it has not yet been invaded by mass tourists. The many coffee houses and famous restaurants of the area are crowded mainly with venetians who come here to escape the hustle and bustle of the plaza, after all it is only ten minutes away.
Nearby one can see the “Padiglioni” of the International Biennal Exhibition of Modern Art, a must for art lovers.
In conclusion, here is a corner of Venice, well known to the Venetinas, still to be discovered by many tourists but ensuring your visitors won’t leave disappointed.